Welcome to my site, A New Normal. I put this site together because we are entering an age of misinformation and I want to do something about it. Conspiracy theories, fake news, and alternative facts abound. The articles I write here are my effort to curb the spread of untruth. My goal is to write interesting new stories on topics that are relevant to your daily life – vaccines, education, cancer, recycling and sustainability, exercise, etc. I make my content accessible so you don’t need a science background to understand what I’m talking about.

Here’s why you can trust everything you read on this blog:

(1) As a Ph.D. student in biochemistry, I know how to perform research. I learn a lot about a topic before talking to you about it. I put in time and effort to carefully research my material and I give you trustworthy references for my facts. If I say something that’s just my opinion, I’ll make that clear.

(2) My only agenda or affiliation is with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I don’t approach these topics from a political, gender or racial stance. I also don’t make any money from this writing.

Finally, if you think there’s something I really should write about, please let me know! Hit the Contact button, shoot me a message, and I promise I’ll get back to you. Thanks for visiting A New Normal. I hope you get something out of my posts and learn something new today!


A scientist

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